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Hello all, thank you for visiting my blog!  I have never been a blogger, this is my first blog so bare with me :). I have recently decided to change the path that my life was leading, i have decided to finally stop standing on the sidelines and take charge of my life, of my dreams, of my aspirations. I have finally decided to put my family first!  I am hoping this blog will help every other person out there, just like me, who has had enough of having to choose between your job and your family, over and over again, to make them understand that you can have both but to do that, you have to be determined and work for it. Most importantly,  you have to change your JOB into your BUSINESS. Happy reading!

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31.10 | 17:37

Excellent blog

08.10 | 00:09

Wow.....awesome!! I can not stress enough on my facebook health page that you must do it for you and no body else! Way to go yus!

08.10 | 00:02

Wow big congrats on your blog! So inspirational! I think it's awesome to follow your dreams and be able to put family first!! Keep up the awesome work!

06.10 | 21:38

Well said n so true. Love the evidence based part of it. Keep up the great job